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Improving Exchanges,
Empowering Users.

Welcome to Lyzis - Where Unity Fuels a Boundless Future.
Step into the world of trust-free trading.

Unveiling Our Purpose.

We're introducing Lyzis Marketplace – Your Collaborative Hub for Authentic Physical Assets.

In a world where reliance is the cornerstone of online commerce, we set out to redefine the rules.

Our platform pioneers a trustless space for secure transactions, starting with sneakers.

Eliminate scams, risks and insecurities - buy with confidence.


Discover the science behind our marketplace.

Explore our latest research paper, "Safeguarding Physical Sneaker Sale Through a Decentralized Medium", to delve into the intricacies of our innovative solution.

Abstract. Sneakers were designated as the most counterfeited fashion item online, with three times more risk in a trade than any other fashion purchase. As the market expands, the current sneaker scene displays several vulnerabilities and trust flaws, mostly related to the legitimacy of assets or actors. In this paper, we investigate various blockchain-based mechanisms to address these large-scale trust issues. We argue that (i) pre-certified and tracked assets through the use of non-fungible tokens can ensure the genuine nature of an asset and authenticate its owner more effectively during peer-to-peer trading across a marketplace; (ii) a game-theoretic-based system with economic incentives for participating users can greatly reduce the rate of online fraud and address missed delivery deadlines; (iii) a decentralized dispute resolution system biased in favour of an honest party can solve potential conflicts more reliably.


We'll be there shortly...

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We are currently raising funds and will be starting product development soon.

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