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Frequently Asked Questions

Discover quick answers to the most frequently asked questions about Lyzis.

  • Do Lyzis have a native token?
    Our main token (LZS), integral to the functioning of the Lyzis network, will be accessible upon the platform's launch. This approach ensures a purpose-driven adoption, minimizing superfluous and non-value-generating speculation. Our secondary governance token (LZSP), pivotal to our distributed governance and rewarding users acting honestly during trades, will be accessible once our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is up and running. Keep up to date by following our progress on social networks.
  • When will a product be available?
    We will soon start the prototyping phase of our platform, Lyzis Marketplace, upon securing funding. Lyzis Marketplace will initially focus on the sneaker market, exclusively facilitating the buying and selling of genuine sneakers. Our asset offerings will expand progressively over time.
  • What is Lyzis' main focus?
    Lyzis heralds the introduction of an advanced trading platform tailored for physical assets. This far-sighted platform captures the transformative potential of blockchain technology while being firmly anchored in the refined art of game theory. We draw up a collaborative hub where individuals could buy and sell genuine physical assets with unwavering confidence - no longer constrained by the traditional notion of trust.
  • What is Lyzis' mission ?
    Lyzis' mission is rooted in transforming online trades by instilling trust at the core, fundamentally changing the dynamics of buying and selling authentic physical assets.
  • Who founded Lyzis?
    Lyzis was founded in early 2021 by an ambitious finance student. The project, operating on an open-source basis, garnered contributions from top-tier university researchers and a passionate, dynamic team. This collaboration infused Lyzis with cutting-edge insights and academic rigor, further amplifying its innovative prowess. Meet our team here.
  • Why set your sights on the sneaker market?
    The sneaker market makes a huge industry, yet several issues still persist when it comes to an actor's or product's legitimacy, turning sneakers into the most counterfeited item online. This is precisely why this market aligns perfectly with our concept validation: establishing trustless transactions among users, where honest actions are incentivized and dishonest behavior is met with penalties within our self-governing network. The ultimate aim is to curtail the exponential surge in online litigation cases. You can now delve into the foundational mechanisms underlying our system here.
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